Buying A Franchise Resale

Buying A Franchise Resale

The Franchise-Resale website puts you in touch with the seller directly, so there are no middle men to deal with and the transaction moves at the pace you and the seller are comfortable with.

Buying an existing franchise business should represent an excellent opportunity for you to take over a business with an existing customer base and develop it further, and remember you will have the advantage of the support and advice you will receive from the franchisor.

Franchising is acknowledged as offering a far better chance of succeeding in business because of the strength of the franchise relationship that exists between the franchisee and franchisor. It’s your business but you’re not alone, the franchisor will usually provide ongoing support and training, and you also have other franchisees that you can speak to and learn from.

Remember when buying a franchise there are 3 parties involved, you, the seller and the franchisor, so you should feel confident that you will be able to build a good working relationship with them. Finding a franchise that suits your life style requirements and budget usually takes time and should include; researching the market you will be operating in, be clear in your own mind about what you can do or are prepared to do on a day to day basis to generate your sales and income. Take great care to satisfy yourself that you have enough funds to invest plus some for a ‘rainy day’, and that the financial returns you expect are realistic.

The resale process will vary from franchise to franchise and therefore at some point you should seek independent professional advice before progressing to completion. Be very clear about what you are buying from the franchisee and what conditions you must fulfil for the franchisor. Remember the saying ‘the devil’s in the detail’.

To find a franchise resale in your area simply go to our Home Page, click on a ‘Region’ button to the left hand side of the page followed by County. Alternatively you may wish to search by ‘Price Range’ or ‘Industry Category’

If you want to discuss any aspect of the process with us, or feel you need some general advice about franchising please get in touch.

We trust you’ll find what you’re looking for.