Selling My Franchise

Selling your franchise has never been easier, simply enter your details on line and wait for the phone to ring!

Our Franchise-Resale website offers exceptional value and is designed to put you in control of the sales process, it’s your business after all and reflects your commitment and dedication.

The more information and back up you can provide about your business’s performance the better, although you might not want to publish everything on the re-sale website. However, you can refer to the additional information a prospect purchaser will receive in due course, such as audited accounts, customer details, etc.

Your franchise re sale process can be helped significantly, and a good impression created, if you are organised and have a clear order of events in place together with the supporting documents and information.

Be clear about why you are selling, and what you are selling, provide clear and concise information about the franchise business and be able to quickly identify (for the buyers benefit) exactly how the selling price is made up. The supporting evidence and documentation can be provided later at the appropriate time.

Remember the franchisor is also a key player in the selling process, so make sure you inform them of your intention to sell and keep them informed of progress. Be clear about the information the franchisor will require from the buyer and make sure the prospect is prepared for their meeting with the franchisor. You will also need to know what fees the franchisor is intending to charge the buyer, such as for training or re-launching, or even refurbishing premises or vehicles, etc.

If you would like to discuss your re-sale with us or want some help and advice with the re sale process please get in touch, our details are available on the home page under ‘contact us’.

The buyer should be confident about the funds available so that when appropriate they can make a firm offer.

Sell your franchise